Old Alliance Pals

A few years back, ‘The Martial Way [Art]’ guild was part of the ‘Fameless and Rankless [FaR]’ alliance.  During that period, we had a lot of fun together, helping each other on various missions and farming runs.  One of the greatest benefits of the alliance, aside from the camaraderie, was being able to venture into places that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to enter.  Some of my more vivid memories include forays into elite dungeons and different PvP arenas.  Although the alliance dissolved after a couple of years, my thoughts of the people I met remain fond.

Broken Lantern, Kajure Jr, Gavin Whitehawk, and Ikusa Enzeru in the Divine Path. (Factions)

Here are more screenshots of our old alliance pals.  The characters that appear are: Hot Trot Angel, Jo Cur, Kajure Jr, Kattia Modrynn, Sugarbaby Monk, Ricorita Anchors, Ana Hunt, Ice Viking, and My Minions Ruled U.  Also appearing are: Ling Si, Gavin Whitehawk, Ikusa Enzeru, Ji Whitehawk, Tenma Uindo, Raven Melancholia, Chrono Cell, and Suzaku Bosatsu.

SadTigers Unite

‘Sad Tiger’ is a guild rank defined by CrazyFun1 in MapleStory.  Cohlrox is our only member who insisted on having this rank restored to him after being promoted to ‘TigerCub’.  Henceforth, he is known as THE Sad Tiger.  I have only one screenshot of Cohlrox, which I was hesitant to post because it’s a picture of his untimely death during a Monster Battle.  In the end I decided to post it because of Cohlrox’s comment, “taking regular dirt naps is how Sadtigers roll!”

Cohlrox, our resident SadTiger, taking a dirt nap after drinking all his pots with Lord Pirate.

MapleStory dirt naps can happen in many different ways.  Here are some screenshots of SkullySword, MrSai, and Trilunar illustrating some common accidents.