I recently found an easy way to contribute to charities.  Everyone does internet searches, right? GoodSearch, powered by Yahoo Search, is a search engine that donates about a penny per search to the charitable organization of your choice.

Just type in the name of a charity under “Who do you GoodSearch for?” and then click “Verify.”  Then type your search in the field above, click “Search,” and you’ve done a good deed.  If you can remember to do so, try using GoodSearch all the time instead of your regular search engine.

If you’re not sure which charity to select, my two favorites are Prevent Child Abuse and Cancer Research.  Or if you have something else in mind, here’s a list of charities to choose from.

Guild Wars 2 ?!?!

edit: This post is obsolete.  See the post “Guild Wars 2 – Professions” for updated information (added 3/30/12).

Anyone who’s been playing Guild Wars knows of ArenaNet’s upcoming Guild Wars 2. With the recent release of a trailer and artbook, yet only rumors of an estimated release date in late 2010 – early 2011, there are a lot of unanswered questions. That’s what makes the pre-order listing I found on Amazon so confusing. The Guild Wars 2 Wikipedia article states that the game is currently in alpha production. We can only speculate when it’ll be out. Until then…

Asura, a playable race in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 for PC

A Re-Visit

Originally, I had intended to center this blog around game screenshots.  After realizing how limiting this was, I’ve decided to broaden the scope to include several of my other interests.

It seems fitting to revisit my reasons for starting the first Whisper of a Memory site almost 10 years ago.  At that time, I was already a lover of games.  I also loved (and still do!) creative writing and anime.

My favorite theme is the connection forged between people.  Through experiencing hardship and loss as well as happiness, I’ve grown to really appreciate the people I’m close to.  This theme is beautifully expressed by Chrono Trigger’s “Epilogue to Good Friends.” To all of those living and dead, you are missed and loved.

Chrono Trigger on Nintendo DS