Guild Emblem Simulator

Making a MapleStory guild is pretty straightforward.  There are a few requirements though:

  1. Travel to Orbis
  2. Create a party with 6 players total
  3. Go to the Guild Headquarters, choose your guild name, and pay 1.5 million mesos

You probably want your name to match your emblem, but that’s pretty difficult to do if you don’t know what emblems are available.  Luckily, other people out there have come across the same issue and done something about it.  Namely, Ayumilove (of put together this simulator to help potential guild masters coordinate their guild names and emblems.

After choosing the emblem category, use the blue + and – buttons to browse through the different choices. I’ve noticed that sometimes the simulator gets stuck. Just refresh the browser to fix it.

Last but not least, here’s a summary of the costs involved:

  • Initial guild creation – 1,500,000 mesos
  • Guild emblem creation – 5,000,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 15 slots – 500,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 20 slots – 1,500,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 25 slots – 2,500,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 30 slots – 3,500,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 35 slots – 4,500,000 mesos

At the very least, you’ll probably want to save up 6.5 million mesos.

Good luck with your guild, and happy mapling…!

Mario Drama

Thanks to the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii, today Mario is a household name.  Although Mario has aged well, there’s a whole generation out there who will always remember him as the 2-D plumber breaking bricks and flattening mushrooms on the NES.  As for me, most of my memories of Mario come from watching my brother play the slightly more modern SNES.  And more recently, I’ve seen bits and pieces of Mario’s 3-D adventures on the N64 and the GameCube.  You might say that I grew up with the guy.

That’s why I had to save this image when I came across it.  Hopefully you find it as entertaining as I did.