The Karate Kid – the Remake

If you’re a child of the 80’s, you probably remember the original movie “The Karate Kid.”  Despite the jokes and goofy stereotypes that movie birthed, I’m excited to see this modern day remake.  Judging by the preview, it’s still the story of an outcast underdog, and a story of perseverance over bullies.  But this time around, the protagonist is played by the charismatic young Jaden Smith.  And instead of Mr. Miyagi we have Mr. Han, played by none other than Jackie Chan.  There are other varations in store, including a different setting complete with stunning backdrops.  “The Karate Kid” is at the top of my list of kid-friendly must-see movies this summer.

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Moleskine FTW

What’s a Moleskine?  For those of you who don’t already know, it’s a distinctive brand of notebooks.  Designed in Italy, these notebooks have a cardboard cover, a built in bookmark, and an elastic closure.  There’s even a folder built into the cover, for stashing notes and other small scraps of paper.

Used by greats such as Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway, these notebooks are perfect for artists, writers, travelers, and dreamers.

Some of the paper types are:




So whether you’re recording notes for your next piece, sketching while you’re on the go, or taking down an idea for a comic, there’s a Moleskine out there that will fit your needs.

Moleskine Ruled Notebook Large

EXP Hair Coupons

Here’s HealBilley and KarmaTornado at the Henesys Hair Salon.  Haircut time with an EXP coupon!

Why would anyone get a EXP Hair coupon instead of a VIP coupon?  It depends on which hairstyle you’re going for.  Although VIP coupons allow you to pick the exact style you want, the choices are somewhat limited.  EXP coupons give you more options, but the result is random.

Also, the cost is different:

  • VIP Hair Coupon = about 5,100 NX
  • EXP Hair Coupon = about 2,100 NX

Unless you’re very lucky and get your chosen style in 2 tries or less, with EXP you end up spending  more.  If you only intend to change your look once, it can be worth it.  And the randomness of it can be pretty exciting.

Well, enough suspense, let’s see what haircut HealBilley ended up with…!

The name of the style is Carla.  Not too shabby, HealBilley!

~ ~ ~

KarmaTornado had some EXP coupon fun of her own.  At first, she wanted the style called Cecilia Twist.

Cecilia Twist – Amoria Hair Salon

But in the end, she decided to get the one called Desert Flower.

Desert Flower – Kerning City Hair Salon

For about one minute between the first EXP coupon and the second, KarmaTornado had the style Ravishing Raven.  Some people call this style Rukio, since it resembles Rukio from the anime Bleach.

Ravishing Raven – Kerning City Hair Salon

So if you have some NX to spend on a haircut but aren’t sure what you want, knowing your options first is helpful.  MapleFantasia has a fairly complete list of styles. If you find a more recent list, feel free to share it with us.