Dual Blade

The Mage has always been my class of choice in MapleStory. However, since the addition of Cygnus Knights, Arans, and Evans, it’s become harder than ever to decide which character to play. If only there were another option that’s distinctly different. That would make the choice so much easier.

That’s why I’m excited about Nexon’s upcoming release of the Dual Blade. An advancement of the Rogue class, Dual Blades will be the first rebalance of the original Adventurers. To me, they look like dual-wielding Bandits with some nice new flashy skills. Watch the video and see for yourself.

The current event ends on July 14th — most likely Dual Blades will go live in the next patch. It’s also rumored that the rest of the Adventurers will be rebalanced in the future.