Heroes X 7

The team at Guild Wars has finally done it…!  Previously limited to 3 in a party, Heroes can now join you on your adventures in numbers up to 7.  While that might not sound like a substantial change to those who are new, seasoned players fully understand what having 7 heroes entails.

Offhand, it means that players can now customize their entire team.  It’s especially helpful for those who like to play solo — it’s now possible to run “____-way” without another human player.  Another boon for solo players is that one can now enter places previously inaccessible to soloists.  Fissure of Woe is the first one that comes to mind.

This change, along with a few other cool changes, was introduced in the March 3rd game update.  But why am I writing about an update from almost 3 months ago?  I have a good reason.  Back in December of 2009, I wrote a post called “Hero List“.  Since that list is now obsolete, amending it seems like the correct thing to do.

Here’s the updated list of heroes, listed in the order in which they appear in your “Add a Hero” drop-down menu.

Hero List

  1. Goren – warrior (NF)
  2. Koss – warrior (NF)
  3. Jora – warrior (EN)
  4. Acolyte Jin – ranger (NF)
  5. Margrid the Sly – ranger (NF)
  6. Pyre Fierceshot – ranger (EN)
  7. Tahlkora – monk (NF)
  8. Dunkoro – monk (NF)
  9. Ogden Stonehealer – monk (EN)
  10. Master of Whispers – necromancer (NF)
  11. Olias¹ – necromancer (NF)
  12. Livia – necromancer (EN)
  13. Norgu – mesmer (NF)
  14. Gwen – mesmer (EN)
  15. Acolyte Sousuke – elementalist (NF)
  16. Zhed Shadowhoof – elementalist (NF)
  17. Vekk – elementalist (EN)
  18. Zenmai² – assassin (NF)
  19. Anton – assassin (EN)
  20. Razah – ritualist (NF)
  21. Xandra – ritualist (EN)
  22. General Morgahn – paragon (NF)
  23. Hayda – paragon (EN)
  24. Melonni – dervish (NF)
  25. M.O.X. – dervish (S)
  26. Kahmu – dervish (EN)

Campaign Legend:

NF = Hero acquired in Nightfall
EN = Hero acquired in Eye of the North
S = Special Hero requires all 3 campaigns

1 = Also requires Prophecies
2 = Also requires Factions