The Karate Kid – the Remake

If you’re a child of the 80’s, you probably remember the original movie “The Karate Kid.”  Despite the jokes and goofy stereotypes that movie birthed, I’m excited to see this modern day remake.  Judging by the preview, it’s still the story of an outcast underdog, and a story of perseverance over bullies.  But this time around, the protagonist is played by the charismatic young Jaden Smith.  And instead of Mr. Miyagi we have Mr. Han, played by none other than Jackie Chan.  There are other varations in store, including a different setting complete with stunning backdrops.  “The Karate Kid” is at the top of my list of kid-friendly must-see movies this summer.

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Moleskine FTW

What’s a Moleskine?  For those of you who don’t already know, it’s a distinctive brand of notebooks.  Designed in Italy, these notebooks have a cardboard cover, a built in bookmark, and an elastic closure.  There’s even a folder built into the cover, for stashing notes and other small scraps of paper.

Used by greats such as Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway, these notebooks are perfect for artists, writers, travelers, and dreamers.

Some of the paper types are:




So whether you’re recording notes for your next piece, sketching while you’re on the go, or taking down an idea for a comic, there’s a Moleskine out there that will fit your needs.

Moleskine Ruled Notebook Large

Mario Drama

Thanks to the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii, today Mario is a household name.  Although Mario has aged well, there’s a whole generation out there who will always remember him as the 2-D plumber breaking bricks and flattening mushrooms on the NES.  As for me, most of my memories of Mario come from watching my brother play the slightly more modern SNES.  And more recently, I’ve seen bits and pieces of Mario’s 3-D adventures on the N64 and the GameCube.  You might say that I grew up with the guy.

That’s why I had to save this image when I came across it.  Hopefully you find it as entertaining as I did.


Considering the number of international visitors we get, it only seems fair to implement some kind of translation tool.  WordPress has all kinds of neat plugins, and luckily there were several translation plugins to choose from.  I ended up using one called “Google AJAX Translation.”  So far it works like a charm.

And I came across something silly after testing out the plugin on a few posts! I don’t know how humorous it is in other languages, but reading the comment by Cohlrox on this post (in the family’s native language) gave me a good chuckle.  Here is my response, in image form:

I’m also wondering if anyone has come across a good translation mod for phpBB forums?  I’ll keep looking, but feel free to share if you’ve found something good.


I have chronically chapped lips, and have tried a lot of different things to keep them moisturized.  This is by far the best lip balm I’ve ever used!  It goes on smoothly and doesn’t need frequent reapplication.  And it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin like a lot of other lip balms do.  Softlips is comparable in price to regular chapstick and can be found in most drugstores.  I normally use the cherry menthol flavor — I’m looking forward to trying some of the others (pomegranate, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, and mango).  If you already use Softlips, let me know what your favorite flavor is.  =)

Softlips Vanilla 2Pack

Softlips Vanilla 2Pack


I recently found an easy way to contribute to charities.  Everyone does internet searches, right? GoodSearch, powered by Yahoo Search, is a search engine that donates about a penny per search to the charitable organization of your choice.

Just type in the name of a charity under “Who do you GoodSearch for?” and then click “Verify.”  Then type your search in the field above, click “Search,” and you’ve done a good deed.  If you can remember to do so, try using GoodSearch all the time instead of your regular search engine.

If you’re not sure which charity to select, my two favorites are Prevent Child Abuse and Cancer Research.  Or if you have something else in mind, here’s a list of charities to choose from.

A Re-Visit

Originally, I had intended to center this blog around game screenshots.  After realizing how limiting this was, I’ve decided to broaden the scope to include several of my other interests.

It seems fitting to revisit my reasons for starting the first Whisper of a Memory site almost 10 years ago.  At that time, I was already a lover of games.  I also loved (and still do!) creative writing and anime.

My favorite theme is the connection forged between people.  Through experiencing hardship and loss as well as happiness, I’ve grown to really appreciate the people I’m close to.  This theme is beautifully expressed by Chrono Trigger’s “Epilogue to Good Friends.” To all of those living and dead, you are missed and loved.

Chrono Trigger on Nintendo DS