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Ever tried to buy something, but been unsure of how much you ought to be paying? Some people get around this problem by simply asking for a price check over All Chat. While there’s nothing wrong with this method, normally you’ll only get one response that can range from outdated to wildly inaccurate. Trying to sell something is even more challenging, since not knowing the current market value of an item puts you at risk for severely undercharging/overcharging. What a mess… It’s enough to make you want to vacation in remote Kaineng Center and relax your trading troubles away with a nice massage.

Hot Trot Angel, Ji Whitehawk, and Ana Hunt in Kaineng Center

Luckily, Argos Soft created this neat tool to do your own price checking, called the GwEstimator.  Here’s a screen shot of what a common search looks like:


As you can see, you get a range of recent trade posts from Kamadan.  With this many “price checks” it’s easy to get an estimated value, as well as find out what kinds of things people are willing to trade for.

Thanks to Ana Hunt for sharing this valuable piece of info, and thanks to the people at Argos Soft for making this available to the Guild Wars community!

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars Price Check Tool

  1. Clicking advanced search doesn’t change anything for me. Since this is for price checking, you should definitely include max fields or ranges for DPS and affixes. I tried searching for 800 DPS 1-H weapons and was getting results with over 900 DPS, which will obviously skewer the estimated value. In addition, the top two results for my 1-H search were a 2-H bow and a 2-H crossbow.Hopefully everyone posts the full list of mods on their items; many people undervalue items because they ignore affixes they don’t realize can be worth a lot. This could displace the average in either direction (all mods listed but item sold at far under value or item sold at value, but an important mod overlooked and not listed). Hopefully enough people will start using this tool, and large outliers won’t have as much of an effect… maybe you can even remove the outlier costs from searches that result in 20 results, and highlight those items in yellow or something.

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