The Purge by Akismet

Ever since I started my journey with WordPress, I’ve grappled with a thorny question:  Is this a real comment or a spam comment?  After about a year of blogging, I still find myself asking the same question.  I’ve pored over hundreds of comments, yet am still often unable to negotiate the fine line between spam and legit.

So, at some point not long ago, I decided to activate a neat little plugin called Akismet.  According to the light blue badge located at the very bottom of this page, it’s caught quite of lot of spam since then.  Nowadays I spend very little time sifting through spam.

Looking back on all those comments that were haphazardly approved when this blog was still very young, I have to wonder why I didn’t implement this plugin much sooner.  …  And it turns out that I can’t justify doing otherwise — it’s time for the great purge.  By that I mean, it’s time to delete all the comments.

My apologies to any legitimate comment posters whose comments get lost in the process.  From this point forward, Akismet will be doing most of the cleaning for me.