Sharkee the Crusader

I know it’s been awhile since Sharkee3000 got his 3rd job.  He’s already lvl 73 now…!  But the way I figure, better late than never.  Here’s our one and only Crusader obliging my screenshot requests.

Congratulations on 3rd job Sharkee3000!

Here are a couple more from that outing, plus a couple of random earlier ones.

King’s Screenshots

KingBui is a friendly, wise magician.  We have some random things in common — we both:

  • play Ice/Lightning types in MapleStory
  • think Shikamaru is a (lazy) genius
  • like to wonder about the world

When I asked King if he had any screenshots, he sent me these.  Thanks for sharing.  =]

Say Cheese! Sharkee3000, KathyHobo, KingBui, and V3kktor on Aqua Road.

And a few more.

MapleStory Guild Members

I came across MapleStory during a Guild Wars hiatus.  Despite my intentions to keep to myself, I ended up meeting a great group of people.  The ‘Fire Tigers’ are a kind-hearted, helpful bunch.

The day we finally got our guild emblem! HealBilley, Sharkee3000, KingBui, CrazyFun1, and Trilunar at Guild Headquarters.

Here are more screenshots of our guild members in MapleStory.  Wish I had pics of everyone…  Members that appear are: AuraOfMyst, CrazyFun1, HealBilley, KathyHobo, KingBui, KiraSkye, MrSai, nutmeg19, Sharkee3000, Sharkee3002, Trilunar, and V3kktor

Nexon – Maple Story