Guild Wars 2 – Professions

A couple of weeks ago, ArenaNet announced the pre-purchase date of Guild Wars 2!  There are a few different options, all viewable here.  Although pre-sale doesn’t open until April 10th, it’s nice to finally know when.  As an added bonus, those who pre-purchase will be able to participate in all future Weekend Beta Events…!

In light of that news, now seems like a good time to look over the different professions and decide what your starting character will be.  There are 8 playable professions:

  1. Elementalist – “Fire, Air, Earth, and Water.  I can deal with any of them.”
  2. Warrior – “Axe or Mace?  Rifle or Greatsword?  You know, they’re all good.”
  3. Ranger – “Good dog!  Hold the enemy down while I shoot them!  You get a biscuit!”
  4. Necromancer – “The great thing about minions is that they never last long enough to work up a horrid stench.”
  5. Guardian – “I’ll guard you.  Let them come through ME first!”
  6. Thief – “I’m sorry, did this belong to you?”
  7. Engineer – “I’d explain it all to you, but a demonstration would be more useful.”
  8. Mesmer – “When I’m done with you, you won’t trust your own mind.”

If you’ve played the original Guild Wars, most of these professions look familiar.  I’m really glad to see Mesmer on this list, and am excited to see what playing Guardian is like.