Guild Wars Price Check Tool

Ever tried to buy something, but been unsure of how much you ought to be paying? Some people get around this problem by simply asking for a price check over All Chat. While there’s nothing wrong with this method, normally you’ll only get one response that can range from outdated to wildly inaccurate. Trying to sell something is even more challenging, since not knowing the current market value of an item puts you at risk for severely undercharging/overcharging. What a mess… It’s enough to make you want to vacation in remote Kaineng Center and relax your trading troubles away with a nice massage.

Hot Trot Angel, Ji Whitehawk, and Ana Hunt in Kaineng Center

Luckily, Argos Soft created this neat tool to do your own price checking, called the GwEstimator.  Here’s a screen shot of what a common search looks like:


As you can see, you get a range of recent trade posts from Kamadan.  With this many “price checks” it’s easy to get an estimated value, as well as find out what kinds of things people are willing to trade for.

Thanks to Ana Hunt for sharing this valuable piece of info, and thanks to the people at Argos Soft for making this available to the Guild Wars community!


I love this time of the year.  Sure, the weather gets downright icy, and shopping is hectic…  But there are lights, bells, cheerful music, and a festive spirit all around.

Ji Whitehawk gets in the Wintersday spirit.

Even Guild Wars characters get to join in on the fun!  A tradition since 2005, the Wintersday Festival features redecorated towns, special holiday quests, and holiday-themed drops.

Just some of the goodies to be had during the Wintersday Festival

Is PvP your thing?  Try out the Snowball Arena!  Stuffing snow down someone’s shirt has never been more fun.  Get Gifts and Gamer Points for participating.

And last but not least:  Relax and enjoy some time with your friends and family.  The holiday season is about appreciating the people we have in our lives.  May the Spirit of Christmas be with you…!

Below are some Wintersday snapshots.  The characters that appear are:  Ling Si, Everett Thrice, Silvara Thrice, Ji Whitehawk, and Gavin Whitehawk.

Guild Wars Doubles

Inevitably, during your adventures, you’ll run into someone with the same hairstyle or face.  Other times the similarity is in armor design or coloration.  And once in a great while, you may see someone who has several things in common with you.  Ever run through an outpost, and notice someone that could pass as your sibling or twin?

Looks like Suzaku Bosatsu and mystery girl had the same idea when they put together their mixed armor.

Amongst the hundreds of screenshots I’ve taken, I have only a few Double Sightings.  The characters that appear are: Suzaku Bosatsu, Underpaid Assasin, Gavin Whitehawk, Ling Si, Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, Silvara Thrice, and other unknown players.

Nicholas Sandford

By now, I’m sure most Guild Wars players know about Nicholas the Traveler and the wonderful Gifts of the Traveler that he likes to give out.  I usually feel that hunting whatever random drop he wants is worth the chance of enjoying some rock candies and tonics.

Nicholas Sandford

However, until now, I was unaware of what the deal was with his Pre-Searing counterpart — Nicholas Sandford.  Pre Nicholas gives out Gifts of the Huntsman instead.  What’s the difference, you say?  Instead of being limited to 5 Gifts of the Traveler a week in Post-Searing, Nicholas Sandford offers 5 Gifts of the Huntsman everyday.  Here’s a list of the items you can get from Gifts of the Hunstman:

  • 5 Bottle Rockets
  • 5 Sparklers
  • 5 Hunter’s Ale
  • 5 Aged Hunter’s Ale
  • 5 Champagne Poppers
  • 5 Honeycombs
  • 5 Jars of Honey

Now, if you’ve been farming Gifts in Post-Searing, you may have noticed that some goodies are missing from the above list.  You may have also noticed that the listed goodies are in smaller quantities.  While both statements are true, there’s another factor involved.  In Pre-Searing, Nicholas collects 13 different monster drops on a schedule.  You’ll always know which drop he’s collecting next, and when he’ll be collecting it.  Hey, there’s no shame in stockpiling.  (see the complete 52 day list below)

Here’s a short list of the current drops he’s collecting:

  • March 6 – Unnatural Seed
  • March 7 – Skale Fin
  • March 8 – Red Iris Flower
  • March 9 – Enchanted Lodestone
  • March 10 – Skeletal Limb
  • March 11 – Charr Carving
  • March 12 – Spider Leg
  • March 13 – Baked Husk

Nicholas Sandford is located in Regent Valley, in an area known as the Secret Garden.  Make a U-turn after leaving Fort Ranik, and travel north.  The entrance is hidden by some rocks and bushes.

Regent Valley

I don’t know about you, but I’m headed to Pre-Searing to make a new character (and to take another shot at getting a Charr bag).  Maybe by the time my character graduates to Post-Searing, he’ll have collected enough Gifts to put a little dent on a couple of titles.

Schedule of the 13 different items; repeats itself every 52 days:

  1. Grawl Necklace
  2. Baked Husk
  3. Skeletal Limb
  4. Unnatural Seed
  5. Enchanted Lodestone
  6. Skale Fin
  7. Icy Lodestone
  8. Gargoyle Skull
  9. Dull Carapace
  10. Baked Husk
  11. Red Iris Flower
  12. Spider Leg
  13. Skeletal Limb
  14. Charr Carving
  15. Enchanted Lodestone
  16. Grawl Necklace
  17. Icy Lodestone
  18. Worn Belt
  19. Gargoyle Skull
  20. Unnatural Seed
  21. Skale Fin
  22. Red Iris Flower
  23. Enchanted Lodestone
  24. Skeletal Limb
  25. Charr Carving
  26. Spider Leg
  27. Baked Husk
  28. Gargoyle Skull
  29. Unnatural Seed
  30. Icy Lodestone
  31. Grawl Necklace
  32. Enchanted Lodestone
  33. Worn Belt
  34. Dull Carapace
  35. Spider Leg
  36. Gargoyle Skull
  37. Icy Lodestone
  38. Unnatural Seed
  39. Worn Belt
  40. Grawl Necklace
  41. Baked Husk
  42. Skeletal Limb
  43. Red Iris Flower
  44. Charr Carving
  45. Skale Fin
  46. Dull Carapace
  47. Enchanted Lodestone
  48. Charr Carving
  49. Spider Leg
  50. Red Iris Flower
  51. Worn Belt
  52. Dull Carapace

Hero List

We love heroes.  These super-henchmen allow you to solo non-AI-able missions,  easily vanquish Hard Mode with a friend, and run a team farm build by yourself.

But the sheer number of available heroes can be daunting, and makes keeping track of equips difficult.  Is Margrid wielding an icy or poisonous bow?  Does Zenmai need the minor shadow rune or should I give it to Anton?  This fire staff I just found has a cool skin and good mods, but aren’t my fire eles already using good staves?  It may be manageable if you’re the type to play one character exclusively; keeping track of your heroes across multiple characters is a different story entirely.

Data packrats and listmakers — I feel your pain.  That’s why I’m sharing my awful secret with you.  I use text files to keep track of all kinds of things, from what mission my paragon last finished in each campaign, to which mini-pets my necro has in the Hall of Monuments.  Crazy, yes.  Helpful, indeed!  With eleven playable characters and frequent hiatuses, I find it necessary.

So here’s one of the lists I finally decided to make after months of inventory agony.  Every available hero is listed in the order in which they appear in your “Add a Hero” drop-down menu.  Copy + paste it to start your own list fun!

edit: Since a recent Guild Wars update, the list below is obsolete.  See the post “Heroes X 7” for an updated list (added 5/31/11).

Hero List



  1. Norgu – mesmer (NF)
  2. Goren – warrior (NF)
  3. Tahlkora – monk (NF)
  4. Master of Whispers – necromancer (NF)
  5. Acolyte Jin – ranger (NF)
  6. Koss – warrior (NF)
  7. Dunkoro – monk (NF)
  8. Acolyte Sousuke – elementalist (NF)
  9. Melonni – dervish (NF))
  10. Zhed Shadowhoof – elementalist (NF)
  11. General Morgahn – paragon (NF)
  12. Margrid the Sly – ranger (NF)
  13. Zenmai – assassin (F)
  14. Olias – necromancer (P)
  15. Razah – ritualist (NF)
  16. M.O.X – dervish (F)
  17. Jora – warrior (EN)
  18. Pyre Fierceshot – ranger (EN)
  19. Anton – assassin (EN)
  20. Livia – necromancer (EN)
  21. Hayda – paragon (EN)
  22. Kahmu – dervish (EN)
  23. Gwen – mesmer (EN)
  24. Xandra – ritualist (EN)
  25. Vekk – elementalist (EN)
  26. Ogden Stonehealer – monk (EN)

Campaign Legend:

P = Hero acquired in Prophecies
F = Hero acquired in Factions
NF = Hero acquired in Nightfall
EN = Hero acquired in Eye of the North


Considering the number of international visitors we get, it only seems fair to implement some kind of translation tool.  WordPress has all kinds of neat plugins, and luckily there were several translation plugins to choose from.  I ended up using one called “Google AJAX Translation.”  So far it works like a charm.

And I came across something silly after testing out the plugin on a few posts! I don’t know how humorous it is in other languages, but reading the comment by Cohlrox on this post (in the family’s native language) gave me a good chuckle.  Here is my response, in image form:

I’m also wondering if anyone has come across a good translation mod for phpBB forums?  I’ll keep looking, but feel free to share if you’ve found something good.

Ricorita Anchors

I’ll admit it, there are a few people out there that I like to harass.  One of them is known as Ricorita Anchors (in the Guild Wars world).  Ricorita is a spunky assassin who runs around rocking 15k Kurzick armor and Zodiac Daggers. Although by game standards, it’s not the most elite choice of attire out there, she gets mad style points in my book.  In fact, it is leet, in that I-don’t-care-what’s-leet kind of way.

Ricorita and Gavin in the Lair of the Forgotten. (Nightfall)

Here are a few more screenshots from that outing.  Characters that appear are: Ricorita Anchors, Mrs Rahl, and Gavin Whitehawk.

Old Alliance Pals

A few years back, ‘The Martial Way [Art]’ guild was part of the ‘Fameless and Rankless [FaR]’ alliance.  During that period, we had a lot of fun together, helping each other on various missions and farming runs.  One of the greatest benefits of the alliance, aside from the camaraderie, was being able to venture into places that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to enter.  Some of my more vivid memories include forays into elite dungeons and different PvP arenas.  Although the alliance dissolved after a couple of years, my thoughts of the people I met remain fond.

Broken Lantern, Kajure Jr, Gavin Whitehawk, and Ikusa Enzeru in the Divine Path. (Factions)

Here are more screenshots of our old alliance pals.  The characters that appear are: Hot Trot Angel, Jo Cur, Kajure Jr, Kattia Modrynn, Sugarbaby Monk, Ricorita Anchors, Ana Hunt, Ice Viking, and My Minions Ruled U.  Also appearing are: Ling Si, Gavin Whitehawk, Ikusa Enzeru, Ji Whitehawk, Tenma Uindo, Raven Melancholia, Chrono Cell, and Suzaku Bosatsu.

More Guild Wars

A bunch of screenshots of us…!

Ling Si and Raine Quicksilver resting before a mission.

Here are the rest.  The characters that appear are: Ling Si, Gavin Whitehawk, Chiang Shi, Suzaku Bosatsu, Ikusa Enzeru, Ji Whitehawk, Everett Thrice, Silvara Thrice, Lyra Draven, Retribution Wind, Karma Tornado, Chrono Cell, Maya Abraxas, and Shuto Zuki.

Guild Wars

Gavin Whitehawk is easily excited by Alliance Battles and Random Arena.  He loves picking fights with random people, dancing like a robot, and unwinds by gazing into the sky.

Gavin Whitehawk wearing his first mixed armor. (Elite Canthan top and bottom, Seitung gloves and boots, and Shing Jea mask)

Guild Wars Trilogy (Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall) for PC