Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator


For those of you who’ve been dutifully completing titles in anticipation of Guild Wars 2, great news…! ArenaNet has just released further detail on how the achievements from your Guild Wars Hall of Monuments will benefit your Guild Wars 2 account. Check out the Reward Calculator to see what rewards you’ve earned so far.

And if you haven’t been keeping up with your old account, now’s a good time to take care of unfinished business before beta rolls around.

Read more about the Reward Calculator on the official Guild Wars 2 site.

Guild Wars 2 – Elementalist

edit: To view the other professions, see the post “Guild Wars 2 – Professions” (added 3/30/12).

It looks like we’re getting closer to the release date of Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist

Why do I say that?  Well, a few days ago, ArenaNet released their own blog.  One of the articles talks in detail about what we can expect in terms of storyline, social aspects of the game, and combat mechanics.  Read the original article here.

ArenaNet has also revealed details about the elementalist profession.  They’ve even posted some cool short videos of different elementalist skills in action.

Here’s the clip for Meteor Shower.
Read more about the Guild Wars 2 elementalist on the official Guild Wars 2 site.
Can’t wait for open beta…!