Dual Blade

The Mage has always been my class of choice in MapleStory. However, since the addition of Cygnus Knights, Arans, and Evans, it’s become harder than ever to decide which character to play. If only there were another option that’s distinctly different. That would make the choice so much easier.

That’s why I’m excited about Nexon’s upcoming release of the Dual Blade. An advancement of the Rogue class, Dual Blades will be the first rebalance of the original Adventurers. To me, they look like dual-wielding Bandits with some nice new flashy skills. Watch the video and see for yourself.

The current event ends on July 14th — most likely Dual Blades will go live in the next patch. It’s also rumored that the rest of the Adventurers will be rebalanced in the future.

EXP Hair Coupons

Here’s HealBilley and KarmaTornado at the Henesys Hair Salon.  Haircut time with an EXP coupon!

Why would anyone get a EXP Hair coupon instead of a VIP coupon?  It depends on which hairstyle you’re going for.  Although VIP coupons allow you to pick the exact style you want, the choices are somewhat limited.  EXP coupons give you more options, but the result is random.

Also, the cost is different:

  • VIP Hair Coupon = about 5,100 NX
  • EXP Hair Coupon = about 2,100 NX

Unless you’re very lucky and get your chosen style in 2 tries or less, with EXP you end up spending  more.  If you only intend to change your look once, it can be worth it.  And the randomness of it can be pretty exciting.

Well, enough suspense, let’s see what haircut HealBilley ended up with…!

The name of the style is Carla.  Not too shabby, HealBilley!

~ ~ ~

KarmaTornado had some EXP coupon fun of her own.  At first, she wanted the style called Cecilia Twist.

Cecilia Twist – Amoria Hair Salon

But in the end, she decided to get the one called Desert Flower.

Desert Flower – Kerning City Hair Salon

For about one minute between the first EXP coupon and the second, KarmaTornado had the style Ravishing Raven.  Some people call this style Rukio, since it resembles Rukio from the anime Bleach.

Ravishing Raven – Kerning City Hair Salon

So if you have some NX to spend on a haircut but aren’t sure what you want, knowing your options first is helpful.  MapleFantasia has a fairly complete list of styles. If you find a more recent list, feel free to share it with us.

Guild Emblem Simulator

Making a MapleStory guild is pretty straightforward.  There are a few requirements though:

  1. Travel to Orbis
  2. Create a party with 6 players total
  3. Go to the Guild Headquarters, choose your guild name, and pay 1.5 million mesos

You probably want your name to match your emblem, but that’s pretty difficult to do if you don’t know what emblems are available.  Luckily, other people out there have come across the same issue and done something about it.  Namely, Ayumilove (of kongregate.com) put together this simulator to help potential guild masters coordinate their guild names and emblems.

After choosing the emblem category, use the blue + and – buttons to browse through the different choices. I’ve noticed that sometimes the simulator gets stuck. Just refresh the browser to fix it.

Last but not least, here’s a summary of the costs involved:

  • Initial guild creation – 1,500,000 mesos
  • Guild emblem creation – 5,000,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 15 slots – 500,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 20 slots – 1,500,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 25 slots – 2,500,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 30 slots – 3,500,000 mesos
  • Expand the guild to 35 slots – 4,500,000 mesos

At the very least, you’ll probably want to save up 6.5 million mesos.

Good luck with your guild, and happy mapling…!

Sharkee the Crusader

I know it’s been awhile since Sharkee3000 got his 3rd job.  He’s already lvl 73 now…!  But the way I figure, better late than never.  Here’s our one and only Crusader obliging my screenshot requests.

Congratulations on 3rd job Sharkee3000!

Here are a couple more from that outing, plus a couple of random earlier ones.

SadTigers Unite

‘Sad Tiger’ is a guild rank defined by CrazyFun1 in MapleStory.  Cohlrox is our only member who insisted on having this rank restored to him after being promoted to ‘TigerCub’.  Henceforth, he is known as THE Sad Tiger.  I have only one screenshot of Cohlrox, which I was hesitant to post because it’s a picture of his untimely death during a Monster Battle.  In the end I decided to post it because of Cohlrox’s comment, “taking regular dirt naps is how Sadtigers roll!”

Cohlrox, our resident SadTiger, taking a dirt nap after drinking all his pots with Lord Pirate.

MapleStory dirt naps can happen in many different ways.  Here are some screenshots of SkullySword, MrSai, and Trilunar illustrating some common accidents.

King’s Screenshots

KingBui is a friendly, wise magician.  We have some random things in common — we both:

  • play Ice/Lightning types in MapleStory
  • think Shikamaru is a (lazy) genius
  • like to wonder about the world

When I asked King if he had any screenshots, he sent me these.  Thanks for sharing.  =]

Say Cheese! Sharkee3000, KathyHobo, KingBui, and V3kktor on Aqua Road.

And a few more.

MapleStory Guild Members

I came across MapleStory during a Guild Wars hiatus.  Despite my intentions to keep to myself, I ended up meeting a great group of people.  The ‘Fire Tigers’ are a kind-hearted, helpful bunch.

The day we finally got our guild emblem! HealBilley, Sharkee3000, KingBui, CrazyFun1, and Trilunar at Guild Headquarters.

Here are more screenshots of our guild members in MapleStory.  Wish I had pics of everyone…  Members that appear are: AuraOfMyst, CrazyFun1, HealBilley, KathyHobo, KingBui, KiraSkye, MrSai, nutmeg19, Sharkee3000, Sharkee3002, Trilunar, and V3kktor

Nexon – Maple Story