Expression is a Function of Being

For someone who once aspired to be a writer, I don’t write very often anymore.  Normally I have really good excuses.  By “really good excuses” I mean the same excuses most writers or artists tell themselves when they’re not following their inner inclinations to express themselves.  Not having enough time is a common one.  Taking a break from writing is another.  Working on another project certainly sounds like a legitimate excuse.  There isn’t actually anything wrong with the excuses I’ve just named off, with one exception — when these excuses are a cloak for a different excuse entirely.  I’m talking about that nefarious Doubt that lives somewhere, if only for a moment, in each human’s mind, that delights in disguising itself as facts and realities.  You know the one.  It tells you all the reasons why you can’t possibly write, and how, if you did, it wouldn’t be that great, or how there wouldn’t be any point.  It’s this Doubt that I’d like to uncloak and banish.  For myself and for other writers out there, it’s essential that this Doubt be downgraded to a mere passing thought and be relieved of it’s duty as Commander of your creative impulses.

Part of what makes us unique is that we each have a different viewpoint — each terrible and beautiful experience we’ve lived is a facet of our being that, when used as a filter for the universal energy that flows through us all, paints a particular picture that no one else can replicate.  Authentically expressing that energy is part of why we exist.  The other reason is so that we can affect one another with our energy.  In light of that, why should we not express ourselves?  Laziness, lack of motivation, or shyness are no longer valid excuses.  Instead, we’re charged with a higher purpose.  Yes, you are as well.  In my opinion, it’s this:  Exist to the fullest, be the best you that you can, and share your life/love/story with the people around you.