Time to Wake Up

Been gone awhile…  It’s time to wake up from my 7 months of hibernation.  There have been some subtle inner adjustments that may very well equal bigger changes in the future, but for now the main difference is that there are some new things on the radar these days.  I’ll just briefly hit the high points:

I’ve started watching more movies.  Thanks to Redbox and Netflix, I have access to new releases as well as goodies from the past.  This was a great boon during the phase I recently went through, where I was watching everything I could that Tom Hardy had been in.  What a talented fellow!  He has a commanding presence and an almost palpable charisma, but it’s not until you see him in a few different movies that his acting ability truly becomes evident.  The first few times I saw him, it didn’t register to me who he was, as he’s one of those actors who disappears into his characters.  I came to appreciate his range and intensity of emotion after seeing him play diametrically different roles.  I recommend “Stuart: A Life Backwards” and “Bronson” as contrast.

As Tommy Conlon from “Warrior”


After much anticipation, Guild Wars 2 was released this past August.  I’ve been playing it quite a bit since then, and am only just now taking a little break.  In the months that it’s been out, I’ve met some new friends through the Wayrift [WAY] guild and leveled my main character Gavin Whitehawk to level 80.  As for the game itself, it’s visually stunning.  It has a different style of graphics that appeals to my sensibilities, somehow stylized and realistic at the same time.  The gameplay is engaging and dynamic, and while you’re playing you get the feeling that the developers wanted players to really enjoy their experience.  By that I mean, a lot of little aggravations that are customary in games of the past are noticeably absent.

Gavin and a land-bound ship


Lately I’ve been treating my ears to the  emotive stylings of John Frusciante.  He is simply amazing.  My favorite songs are from “Curtains” and “The Will to Death,” and I can safely say that his guitar playing must be what love sounds like.  You can feel that he’s putting every ounce of his being into his music and it’s heartbreakingly beautiful to behold.  He’s a true artist and I have a profound respect for his work.  Thank you for existing!

Been listening non-stop for the past several days.