Granny Airbag (sent to me by icefire)

Fullscreen mode is a little blurry on this one. (square button in bottom right-hand corner).

Here's an example of why we should have a little respect for the elderly.

Gavin & Canthan New Year

From Guild Wars
During Canthan New Year, opening Lunar Fortunes can get blessings or curses! Here's a video of what it's like to be cursed.

Gavin Loves AB

From Guild Wars
Here's a random AB match. Usually us Luxon don't win in Ancestral Lands, but it isn't entirely impossible.

Granny Airbag

Other Videos
A funny video sent to me by a friend. Appearing: skateboards, impatience, and someone's tough Granny.

What're you doing?

Like a Boss